AM4815T Dino-Lite Edge

Extending image quality with EDOF and EDR





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Extended Depth of Field (EDOF)

To view a rough surface with height range out of depth of focus, the AM4815T’s EDOF capture mode can take several pictures at different focus and stack them automatically within a click. The resulted EDOF image maintains the picture quality from its original pictures which also can be reviewed in DinoCapture 2.0.


Extended Dynamic Range (EDR)

For high contrast or reflective surface, the EDR capture mode can help to reveal the details of dark or bright areas, which may lost in normal capture mode, by stacking images taken at different exposure levels.


High Optical Resolution

The Dino-Lite Edge series have the most optimized lens and circuit design that delivers matchless image quality over the whole magnification range among the other Dino-Lite series. By using state-of-the-art lens design, it is able to achieve both the most sharp and clear images of the target, have the least aberrations at lower magnifications, and also see the most details under low lighting, enabling to gather the most details for analysis.


Adaptable Cap Design

The detachable and interchangeable front cap design used in the Dino-Lite Edge series is aimed to satisfy various applications. Different caps have been developed for better adaptability to different applications. Simply by removing the cap will yield more working distance which brings convenience particularly under higher magnification range, or have better accessibility to the full range of magnification from 20x to 220x.

Adding to the high image quality of Dino-Lite Edge, the AM4815T provides image processing features, EDOF and EDR, for further extending its limitation over depth of focus or dynamic range.


Model AM4815T Dino-Lite Edge
Interface USB 2.0
Product Resolution 1.3M pixels (SXGA)
Magnification Rate 20x~220x
Sensor Color CMOS
Save Formats Image:DinoCapture2.0: BMP, GIF, PNG, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, JP2, JPC, JPG, PGX, RAS, PNM 


DinoCapture2.0: WMV, FLV, SWF

Microtouch Touch sensitive trigger on the microscope for taking pictures
Lighting 8 white LED lights switched on/off by software
Measurement Function Yes
Calibration Function Yes
Operating System Supported Windows 8 ,7 ,Vista ,XP
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)

Information about working distance and field of view

20 60.2 52.7 19.5 15.6 1.52
30 33.5 26 13 10.4
40 20.9 13.4 9.8 7.8
50 13.9 6.4 7.8 6.3 0.3
60 9.7 2.2 6.5 5.2
70 7.1 5.6 4.5
80 5.5 4.9 3.9
90 4.5 4.3 3.5
100 4.1 3.9 3.1
110 4 3.6 2.8
120 4.1 3.3 2.6
130 4.5 3 2.4
140 5 2.8 2.2
150 5.6 2.6 2.1
160 6.3 2.4 2
170 7.1 2.3 1.8
180 8 0.5 2.2 1.7
190 8.9 1.4 2.1 1.6
200 9.9 2.4 2 1.6 0.04
210 10.9 3.4 1.9 1.5
220 11.9 4.4 1.8 1.4

M = magnification rate
WD = working distance
WD1 = working distance without front cap
FOV = field of view
DOF= depth of field
Unit = mm

EDOF with a butterfly

EDOF with a butterfly

EDOF on a connector

EDOF on a connector

EDR with decapped IC

EDR with decapped IC

EDOF with a Bee

EDOF with a Bee

EDOF with CPU Pins

EDOF with CPU Pins

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