Quickly transform Dino-Lite’s built-in LEDs into an uniform and soft ring illuminator.



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In most macro observation, a ring light may help to reveal more details by generating shadow-less illumination. Working seamlessly with the Dino-Lite Edge series, the N3C-R front cap is a unique and the simplest solution designed to provide ring illumination for a microscope. The 6.5 cm (2.5 inch) diameter N3C-R fully utilizes the Dino-Lite’s built-in LEDs by redirecting it to form a focused, diffused, and uniform ring-light. For polarizer model such as AM4115ZT, the polarizer can still be used for suppressing the unwanted glare or reflection when using with N3C-R. Without the clutter of mounting and powering an external ring light, thus no heat and noticeable weight been added, the clip-on N3C-R economically provides alternative illumination and adds more flexibility to Dino-Lite’s applications.

Note: The N3C-R has best working distance in the range of about 2 to 15 cm. It may not be suitable for short working distance operation, and is not compatible with high magnification models such as AM4515T5 or AM4515T8.

Ring light projected through N3C-R

Ring light projected through N3C-R

Dino-Lite EDGE with N3C-R

Dino-Lite EDGE with N3C-R


Model N3C-R Ring-Light Cap
Unit Dimension 15.5 mm (H) x 65 mm (D)
Materials Polycarbonate with sputtered aluminum coated
Unit Weight approx. 8 g
Package Dimensions 8.2 cm (L) x 8.3 cm (W) x 2 cm (H)

Reflection or glare comparison of using N3C-R, polarizer, and both.



-Pictures illustrated were taken with AM4115ZTL.
-N3C-O:Standard open cap
-PPL : Parallel Polarized Light
-XPL : Cross Polarized Light



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